Seven years after the last Harry Potter film, the mischievous spectacle wizard has given way to a big bearded twenty-something who drives the most diverse roles. And also in love Daniel Radcliffe goes for the wind. For six years he has been sharing a lot of love and sorrow with actress Erin Darke (33). “With her I can be totally myself  – even though I’m a nerd.”

A heavy snowstorm creeps across New York when we meet Daniel Radcliffe at the chic Peninsula Hotel in the heart of Manhattan. A snow carpet of ten centimeters thick causes a lot of trouble, yet the actor manages to arrive in time. With his fragile posture and one meter sixty you would look so close, but his full beard jumps so hard that you can not miss him. “That beard only helps not to be recognized remotely,” Radcliffe says, smiling broadly when we shake hands with him. “I am less recognized when I wear a cap, but I honestly do not have much trouble to disguise myself. My voice ‘betrays’ time after time that it is me. (laughs) ”