Daniel Craig doesn’t like the fact that 007 sweethearts are called ‘Bond girls’. The 51-year-old actor, who took on the role of James Bond five times, does not describe the women in the films themselves that way. He explains that in the magazine Vanity Fair.

“It eats energy and I get older”

He does not explain what the reason is that Daniel himself does not use the term for his opponents. “It’s just that I can’t have a serious conversation with anyone when talking about Bond girls.”

The actor knows what he is talking about. With the upcoming film No Time to Die, Daniel has been the ‘longest-serving’ Bond since the first film from 1962. He played the famous spy five times in a span of more than fourteen years. He made his debut in 2006 with Casino Royale , followed by Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012) and Specter (2015).

After No Time to Die, which appears in April, Daniel has finished 007. The actor said earlier that it will be his last film. “It’s one of the most intense and satisfying things I’ve ever done, but it consumes energy and I get older.”