Pfizer, the company that got the stock markets moving with its news about a possible corona vaccine on Monday , is still the second largest pharmaceutical group in the world. This is evident from data from Global Data, based on the turnover of the companies active in the sector.

In terms of turnover, Pfizer only has to put up with Johnson & Johnson, which is also American. Last year, it had 56.1 billion dollars (about 47.5 billion euros) in revenue, Pfizer 51.75 billion.

According to the Fortune 500, the list of the largest US companies, the company employs about 80,000 people, which is headquartered in New York. Pfizer is in 64th place in the list.

In October, Global Data looked at the possible impact of the coronavirus in a broader sense on the pharmaceutical giants. According to the research firm, Pfizer’s sales in the first quarter suffered from the lockdown and the scaling down of regular care.

Earlier this year, Pfizer announced it was stepping up investments and allocating $ 500 million to develop anti-infection products and a vaccine against COVID-19. In the field of consumer care, Pfizer has a partnership with GSK.

European signed up for 200 million corona vaccines

For the development of the corona vaccine, it is collaborating with the German BioNTech. The European Union and therefore also the Netherlands are in the so-called contract phase for the possible acquisition of this vaccine. The exploratory talks were already concluded in September.

Europe has subscribed for 200 million doses, 7.8 million of which will be destined for the Netherlands. Provided it comes to a contract, because then the vaccine must be admitted to Europe – that’s what the EMA is about.

Should Pfizer’s vaccine become the first successful corona vaccine, Pfizer will almost certainly outpace the latest competitor.