Ohio Capital City agreed Friday to pay porn actress Stormy Daniels $ 450,000 to settle a lawsuit during his arrest at a strip club last year, the latest fallout traced the city’s dissolved vice unit.

Daniels federal libel suit against several Colombian alleged police officers conspired to revenge her on her claims that she had sex with Donald Trump before he became president.

She was arrested on suspicion of improperly hitting an undercover officer following a performance at the Sirens in July 2018, but the city’s prosecutor’s office dropped the charges within hours.

The agreement was reached after Friday’s mediation, with all parties agreeing the figure was just “given the facts and circumstances,” said Meredith Tucker, a spokeswoman for City Attorney Zach Klein.

A message was left with a lawyer for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

Intermediate Colombian police chief recommended this month that the two former vice-unit officers be fired for their roles in infiltration club strip operation that resulted in Daniels’ arrest.

Chief Tom Quinlan also recommended suspensions for a lieutenant and sergeant, and a written reprimand for a captain. The city director of security has the last word. The police union called the registrar for excessive discipline.

Internal police review determined Daniels’ arrest was reprehensible, but are not planned in advance or politically motivated.

Executives have chosen to obtain evidence for allegedly illegal touching clients by dancers “placing themselves, unnecessarily, at risk and potential for physical contact with Ms. Clifford,” the March report concluded.

The city dissolved the vice of unity, the same month as the allegations of problems pile up, placing the investigation of vice-crimes related to the under of Narcotics division and the promise of a more approach based on the community.

Problems with the unit included, at the charges of Andrew Mitchell, a former officer of the vice squad, fatally shot at a woman in August 2018, who was sitting in his unmarked police vehicle in what Mitchell said was an act of self-defense.

Police Colombo told Mitchell shot, 23-year-old Donna Castleberry after she stabbed him in the hand during a prostitution infiltration of an investigation.

Mitchell pleaded not guilty to these charges, as well as federal charges by accusing him of forcing women to have sex with him under the threat of arrest, pressure on others to help them cover up the crimes and the lies, for the federal investigators, when he said he had never had sex with prostitutes.

Castleberry’s family is seeking more than $ 3.5 million in damages in a federal wrongful death lawsuit against Mitchell, the city and the police department.