Independent Senator Bernie Sanders , a Democrat nomination candidate for the White House , had an intervention for a blocked artery following chest discomfort, and suspended his campaign “until further notice”, announced Wednesday his team.

“At a campaign event last night, Senator Sanders felt a chest discomfort. During medical examinations, he was found a blocked artery and we managed to ask him two stents [vascular stents], “said in a statement the 78-year-old candidate’s campaign team, traveling to Las Vegas during his discomfort.

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Two stents have been “successfully installed,” it has been added, and Mr. Sanders “is doing well”.

The very left-wing senator from Vermont, an unfortunate candidate for the Hillary Clinton nomination in 2016, is the doyen of Democratic candidates who hope to drive Donald Trump out of the White House in November 2020. He has remained so far in the leading pack for the Democratic nomination, with two other septuagenarians, former Vice President Joe Biden (76) and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (70).

He is the first candidate to have to suspend his campaign for health reasons. His team said he canceled all his appointments “until further notice” but had “good morale”. It was unclear whether he would attack for the next televised debate that will bring together 12 Democratic candidates on October 15, at an Ohio university.