The director hinted at the date of the premiere.

Ryan Murphy has established himself as a creator of exciting TV series, but the audience will have his full-length directorial job ahead of him – the musical comedy “Graduation”. The showrunner has a terrific cast including Meryl Streep (“The Devil Wears Prada”), Nicole Kidman (“Big Little Lies”), James Corden (“Cats”), Andrew Rannels (“A Simple Request”), Kerry Washington (” And fires are smoldering everywhere “), Aquafina (” Crazy Rich Asians “) and other actors.

The day before, Murphy shared on his Instagram a general snapshot of the cast of the upcoming film and added a few warm words. “Meet the incredible cast of Graduation. They are real soldiers who finished filming during the coronavirus pandemic so that we can tell you the inspiring story that we all need right now. Christmas is just around the corner! ”- wrote the director. The picture shows the entire star-studded romcom team led by Kidman and Streep, and they are dressed in costumes in which viewers will see the characters in the film.

“Prom” tells the comic story of declining Broadway stars who have decided to revitalize their careers with a dexterous and topical act. They went to a small town to support a high school girl who wanted to come to prom with her sweetheart, but faced condemnation and public opposition.

The movie doesn’t have an exact premiere date yet, but Murphy’s hint suggests Graduation will be out towards the end of December.