British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have signed a deal with Netflix, The New York Times reports Wednesday .

The couple, who now live in Los Angeles, have founded a production company and will make documentaries, docuseries and films for Netflix, among other things. They would also work on content aimed at children.

According to the newspaper, the 35-year-old prince and 39-year-old Markle could make their appearance in one or more documentaries, but it is out of the question that Markle, who made a name as an actress in Suits, will return to her old profession.

The content of the two will be exclusively shown on Netflix. “Our focus is on creating material that is informative, but also gives hope,” they said in a statement. “As young parents, we also find it important to create programs that are suitable for families.”

It is unclear how much the Prince and Markle, who have no experience in producing films and series, are paid from Netflix. According to The New York Times , the couple has not only been in talks with Netflix in recent months, but also with Disney and Apple, among others.

Prince Harry and his wife announced at the beginning of this year that they wanted to relinquish their royal titles and live financially independent from the British royal family. The couple laid down all duties they fulfilled as ‘senior royals’ on April 1.