Christina Aguilera’s daughter, Summer Rutler, turned six this weekend.

The family celebrated the baby’s birthday, and after Christina shared photos with subscribers on her Twitter.

I didn’t go online yesterday to celebrate our Summer Rain’s birthday, so I’m posting a day later, but … Happy birthday, my little artist! She liked the campsite we went to so much that she decided to set up her own cardboard camp at home,

– wrote Aguilera.

Then she dedicated another post to her daughter:

This girl is so smart and creative. With a sweet and lively soul, a huge heart and the spirit of an adventurer. She boldly goes her own way and is not afraid to be herself, no matter what happens. I am a proud mother bear. I love you, my little lion cub.

Parents call their daughter a lion cub because of her zodiac sign.

Summer’s dad also left a touching message to his daughter. He posted a video in which the girl is quite calmly examining the snake, and wrote:

My curious little lion cub, happy birthday. I can’t believe that you came to this world six years ago. I will never forget the first time I saw you. It’s so wonderful to watch you grow. You love snakes, but you only cause butterflies in my stomach. Soon you will spread your wings and fly. And I’ll be there every time you fly. Love you. Dad.