Having Lyme disease has led Shania Twain (54) to despair several times. For example, the singer thought that she would never be able to sing again. She announced this in an interview with ITV’s Loose Women.

“It took years to find out what made my voice less good. It turned out that there had been nerve damage to my vocal cords caused by Lyme disease. Which I got while riding a horse and was bitten by a tick, ”said Shania.

The loss of her familiar voice made for difficult situations. “You avoid telephone calls, you no longer go to places where you have to speak louder because of the noise, which is extremely drastic. Especially if your voice is your trademark, with which you have always been able to express yourself. ”

Twain found out she had Lyme disease in 2003. At the time, she was convinced that her singing career was over, but the opposite turned out to be true. “I have more power in my voice than before. In fact, talking is more difficult than singing. I had to get to know and embrace my ‘new’ voice and I succeeded. ”