A month ago, the model took out breast implants, but is still unhappy with the appearance.

This summer, Chrissy Teigen decided to get rid of breast implants, which make her breasts more shaped and firm. The 34-year-old model put them on 10 years ago for photo shoots in a swimsuit, but recently decided to return to being natural.

I liked them for many years, but I have grown out of it. I want to finally zip up the dress and be able to lie comfortably on my stomach. Don’t worry about me, it’s okay. I will still have a breast, but it will be pure fat – which, in fact, is a breast,

– explained the model.

Having got rid of implants, Chrissy was pleased for a while – she was photographed in a swimsuit and was glad that she could finally afford a bikini. However, the happiness did not last long – now Teigen decided that her breasts were still large. She thought about a new operation to reduce it.

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I dub this “the dress of the summer”

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She spoke about this in a new video on her social network. The model tried on the jewelry, and she didn’t like the way it looked on the neckline.

It should fit nicely on the chest, but my buffers are too low. And yes, they are still huge. I guess I’ll do it one more time and reduce them. Didn’t expect them to be so big after surgery