Chrissy Teigen (35) has told ‘The Today Show’ that she is happy that she is 100 days sober. “I feel so good, I feel clear,” said the model in the American TV program.

“I feel so good, I feel clear”

Chrissy previously shared on Instagram that she was an alcoholic for a while while living in New York. She would only drink double vodkas and get drunk, then buy hats she didn’t like or didn’t need.

The wife of singer John Legend told during the show that she has continued to develop herself since the plague scandal earlier this year and therefore decided to get sober. Teigen came under fire at the time after reality star Courtney Stodden said she once received hate messages from the model via Twitter.

“There’s that old cliché ‘I’m glad it happened’, but it really made me a stronger person. A better person,” she said in the program.