Eastwood hosted the annual Kids’ Choice Awards yesterday. This prestigious award is remarkable not only because the best of the best in the film, television and music industry is determined by the young viewers of the Nickelodeon TV channel, but also by the green slush shower that traditionally awaits the winners.

Behind the award in the nomination  “The coolest character” actor Chris Pratt came out in a perfectly sitting sand suit and a dark blue shirt with a white speck. But the actor did not have time to finish the speech he had prepared, in which, of course, he thanked for the trust and said hello to his son Jack, as he was doused with a traditional fountain of mucus.

It’s worth it anyway –

said Pratt, obviously wanting to add something else to his talk. But the words drowned in the new stream and stormy applause of the audience. 

Will Smith will receive a dose of green soul. He did not enter the stage as a winner, but to introduce the trailer for the new film “Aladdin”, in which Jeanne played. 

“I still can’t wash the mucus off my ears,”Smith complained to fans in social networks.

The full list of winners of the Kids’ Choice Awards 2019 looks like this:

Best Movie – Avengers: War of Infinity

Best superhero – Tony Stark “Avengers: War of Infinity”

The coolest character – Chris Pratt “Jurassic World – 2”

Best Actor – Noah Sentineo “To All the Guys I Loved”

Best Actress – Joey King “Kiss-Box”

Best animated film – “The Incredibles-2”

Best Cartoon Actor – Adam Sandler (“Monsters on Vacation – 3: The Sea Calls”)

Best cartoon actress – Selena Gomez (“Monsters on vacation – 3: The sea is calling”)

Best comedy series – “Fuller House”

Best Drama Series – “Riverdale”

The best actress in the series – Zhendaya (“Katie Cooper undercover”)

The best actor in the series – Jace Norman (“Dangerous Henry”)

Best animated series – “Sponge Bob Square Pants”

Best TV Actor – Jace Norman (“Dangerous Henry”)

Best Television Actress – Zendaya (“Kei Under the Cover”)

The best reality show – “America is looking for talents”

Top TV Mentors – Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Melanie Brown and Howie Mandel (“America Seeks Talent”)

Best TV Host – Ellen Degeneres

Best Male Movie Hero – Adam Sandler

The best female voice hero – Selena Gomez

Best Music Band – Maroon 5

Best singer – Shawn Mendez

Best singer – Ariana Grande

Best song – Thank u, next from Ariana Grande

The best novice performer – Billie Ishil

Best Musical Duet – No Brainer (DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo)

North America Music Star – Taylor Swift