The other day, Avengers star Chris Hemsworth was a guest of the Australian talk show The Kyle and Jackie O Show, where he honestly told what irritated his beautiful wife, Elsa Pataki, most of all in his work.

As you know, Hemsworth’s lover and the mother of their three children are from Spain, so the character is really hot and jealous, but there’s nothing to be done if your spouse is a Hollywood sex symbol. The actor admitted that Elsa recently visited the film set of his new film Down Under Cover, which also starred Tiffany Haddish, and she didn’t like what she saw there.

“There was something like a male striptease. But Elsa is already tired of this, she simply said: “Get dressed at last”. For some reason it doesn’t turn her on, ”laughs Hemsworth.

So it is, the 42-year-old actress has repeatedly noted that she is not obsessed with her husband’s appearance and does not attach much importance to her. “For me, sexuality is an inner manifestation. Of course, I see that he is handsome and fit, but I will never tell him about it, so that he will not turn up his nose once again, ”Pataki said in an interview with the British publication Women’s Health.