Those looking for a nice retreat for the upcoming summer vacation can now buy the Michael Douglas villa on Mallorca. The prospective buyer must have a full wallet, because the actor puts his house in Valldemossa for sale for 32.5 million dollars. Variety reports this.

The actor bought the property, with accompanying land, in 1989 with his ex-wife Diandra Luker for 3.5 million dollars. His ex is still co-owner and can therefore also receive a part of the sale.

The exes have already put the house, which they both have access to for six months a year, up for sale, but without success. Then they asked for $ 60 million for it, but the villa was withdrawn from sale after British newspapers reported “that the property would be in poor condition.”

The house is located in the mountains of Mallorca, a 45-minute drive from the capital, Palma. It accommodates 20 guests, who can stay in ten bedrooms with their own bathrooms. In addition, there is a swimming pool in the garden, a private vineyard with accompanying wine cellar. There is also an extensive library, a gym and of course a cinema.