Disney is gearing up to relaunch the acclaimed comedy franchise.

After Disney acquired Fox for $ 70 billion, it fully owned the rights to films previously owned by the studio. Now Disney is set to relaunch Chris Columbus’ classic comedy Home Alone (1990) with Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and Catherine O’Hara. The new project was directed by the director of “Grandfathers of Easy virtue” Dan Mather, and the cast of the remake included Archie Yates, Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper.

Chris Columbus himself revealed in a new interview with Insider that he is against the idea of ​​a restart. According to the director, none of the representatives of Disney + has ever contacted him about the new television franchise, in addition, according to Columbus, the alternative “Home Alone” is not needed at all:

“I think this is a waste of time. What’s the point? I firmly believe that no remakes of long-running films like Home Alone should be made. They’re not going to create bottle lightning again, are they? It just won’t happen. Then why do this? It’s like re-creating a Disney cartoon frame by frame for its game adaptation. What’s the point? All this has already happened! Do something of your own! Even if you lose, at least you will offer something original. 

The cast of the Disney + Home Alone reboot also includes Kenan Thompson, Ellie Mackie and Chris Parnell. Archie Yates, one of today’s brightest young actors, is set to play the role of Kevin that made Macaulay Culkin famous. The release date of the reboot is not yet known.