The actress complained that she was unable to put all her emotions into the singing.

In a conversation with the Sydney Morning Herald, Nicole Kidman admitted that she feels uncomfortable when she sings. It is much more convenient for her to use her acting skills:

“I can’t do with my voice what I can do when I play, and that makes me very upset. When it comes to acting, I’m not always sure that I will succeed, but I always know that I can try and get my way. Everything is different with the voice. “

For many fans, it is probably strange to know that Kidman is uncomfortable to sing, because the actress has received solid marks for her role in the musical “Moulin Rouge”. After watching the film, you will never guess that she was less comfortable in the singing episodes than in the acting ones. And yet, according to Kidman, she doesn’t feel like she’s putting all the emotion she can into her singing.

Fortunately, although the actress does not feel at home in the recording studio, she is still ready to sing. For example, Kidman herself performed the jazz standard Dream a Little Dream, which can be heard during the opening credits of HBO’s new series The Undoing.