We all know that Chloe Kardashian actively conducts social networks and now she often began to share with her subscribers lovely photos of her daughter Tru, who was born on April 12 this year and has already managed not only to win the hearts of many fans of her stellar mother, but also, as it turned out, to get some number of hayters. Recently, underneath the pictures of the little girl, unpleasant racist remarks began to appear, which made Chloe turn off commenting under her publications with Tru. However, Chloe did not intend to remain silent and soon rebuffed haters.

People are so disgusting. Such behavior they do badly only to themselves. Obviously, for any person to criticize a child – this is not normal,

– Kardashian wrote in the social network.

But, of course, among the followers of Chloe are not only haters – a lot of fans support the TV star, and she gratefully answers them.

The other day Kardashian let everyone know that she was trying not to pay attention to the negative:

Some people are very unhappy, but I try to be where there is only peace and love. This is all I can find in my daughter Tru. I have to block this nasty noise.

By the way, recently Chloe said that “hatred will never win” in her life. In addition, she tries to respond in social networks to every comment with words of support (for example, one of the fans advised her not to pay attention to stupid people, because those who love Chloe and Tru much more).

It is worth noting that not only her mother receives unpleasant comments about Tru. A few days ago, Kim Kardashian published a photograph of Tru with the cousins ​​of Chicago (daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) in Instagram and Stormy (daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott), under which a scandal broke out – some users could not help but notice the difference in the skin color of children, which caused a stormy reaction from other subscribers of Kim.