The drummer Beyonce accuses the singer of black magic and killing of the kitten

The other day there was information that Beyonce was sued for using black magic and murder. It turned out that the former singer Kimberly Thompson had brought charges against the singer. 

As reported by The Blast, in the case it is said that the American singer Beyonce used black magic spells against her colleagues. Also, Kimberly Thompson is sure that the singer with the help of witchcraft could control the work and finances of her employees. Kimberly argues that sometimes the black magic of Beyoncé passed the bounds of what is permissible and some spells were of a sexual nature. But the most important thing is that Kimberly considers Beyonce the killer of his pet. 

Later it became known that the lawsuit of Kimberly Thompson against Beyoncé was rejected. 

Such information has shocked many Beyoncé fans. So far, neither the representatives nor the singer herself has commented on the incident.