Since even the Spice Girls are eventually reunited, even without Victoria Beckham, it means that everything is possible in the world of pop music. For example, the reunion of Girls Aloud is true, it will have to pay a very impressive amount of money.

Cheryl Cole, after leaving Girls Aloud, has long managed to build a successful solo career, so the reunion of the group does not attract her at all. In an interview with The Guardian about the reunion of the girl band – which, in addition to Cheryl, also included Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh – the singer said the following:

“This will never happen. There are no conditions – it just will not happen. ”

The interviewer, however, turned out to be stubborn and answered:

“Suppose, theoretically, that I have 10 million pounds and I am ready to give them to your Cheryl’s Trust charity foundation with Prince Charles – in exchange for one reunion of Girls Aloud …”

Here, of course, Cheryl could not resist:

“Well, for 10 million pounds … But you meant 10 million each of us, right?”


Cheryl has the most positive memories of the Girls Aloud era, including because she and her colleagues had to stand together for creative solutions. In particular, Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley fought to release the single The Promise, as the band’s fans know it today.

“When we left, someone in the studio told us:“ Well, we will do it your way, but you are committing suicide on a career, ”recalls Cheryl Cole. The single The Promise turned out to be the fastest selling single of 2008.