Cher definitely has the Abbamania! She has just posted on Twitter a potential track list for a new cover album of the Swedish band. After his appearance in the movie  Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again  and the output of a first cover album , it appears to be determined to make it once again a tribute to performers Fernando .


“If I had to do ABBA 2,” she said, before listing the songs she would happily pick up: “Take a Chance On Me / Super Trooper / Money Money Money / I do I do I do / Honey Honey / I Have a Dream / Want You / Does Your Mother Know / Rock Me ». A selection that would not deny any fan of the group.

ABBA’s album of covers by Cher, Dancing Queen , her first release in five years, was a success: number 3 in the Billboard standings , it has passed during its first week of exploitation to 153,000 copies just in the USA.