When a couple of girlfriends who have known each other for a long time go to Napa for a wine-soaked birthday outing, their perfectly planned weekend soon falls apart; this is the plot of the delicious Netflix film Wine Country. Make sure the wine is cold, because the film can now be seen at the streaming service.

The film is the directing debut of Amy Poehler, who immediately turns it into a reunion with her Saturday Night Live colleagues Tina Fey, Emily Spivey and Maya Rudolph. The film revolves around Abby, who has planned a special trip for her friends to a wine resort in Napa, California. But as soon as the alcohol flows abundantly, everything goes wrong and old dramas are stirred up. 

The film is full of sentimental moments, but also an enormous amount of funny one-liners and scenarios in which the ladies find themselves. A highlight is when Naomi, played by Maya Rudolph, falls off the piano while singing a song. View the hilarious trailer below:

According to Amy Poehler, the film is a relief between the perfect Hollywood films. “There are just not enough films that show what it really is like to be our age and to be surrounded by women you have known for a long time. But who do not compete with you for the same job or person for once” Vanity Fair.

Wine Country can now be seen at Netflix.