Although the fourth season of the diabolical series Lucifer has only just started at Netflix, rumors are already about a fifth season. That is how lead actor Tom Ellis explains to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t feel like we have fully told our story”

A special fact, because around this time last year, the FOX channel decided to pull the plug out of the project. For a moment it seemed that the beloved show would come to an end after three seasons, but the fans didn’t want to know anything about it. Under #SaveLucifer they came into action and with success: because the series now falls under Netflix, where it was previously shown. 

The cast is delighted with the move. “We couldn’t do much at FOX,” the charming actor now tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We couldn’t go too deep. We could not become vulgar. We couldn’t swear. We could not show too much meat. It was a bit safe, but a little naughty for people. And that is part of the charm. ”

But despite it itching, they decided not to change too much. Tom: “Netflix was very determined that they wanted the show they’d picked up. We didn’t want to change it at all costs because we could, but we did raise it a little further in certain areas. Exactly to the point where it was people makes you laugh. “

There are, however, a few small things that work differently this time. For example, the new season consists of only ten episodes, a conscious choice so that more can be done on the story about Lucifer. All episodes can also be bid at Netflix in one go.

Netflix has not yet confirmed a fifth season, but Tom says there is a good chance that it will come, “We have left the door open for a fifth season. Again, I do not feel that we have fully told our story. “

In Lucifer, the devil is tired of being the lord of hell and moves to Los Angeles. He opens a night club and becomes friends with a detective. But then something unexpected happens …