A new Battlefield V game trailer has been posted to Battelfield’s YouTube account. The latter gives us an overview of the different modes of play that will be available in the next installment of the title of Dice. You will be able to see the eight multiplayer modes that will be available at launch. There are also some details about the Firestorm mode, or if you prefer the Battle Royale mode of BF5. Firestorm will welcome a maximum of 64 players, 16 teams of four players will try to be the survivors of the battle. In addition, you can use the armory of BF5 and the different vehicles and the most beautiful in all this is that the environments will be destructible. Dice promised that the map of this mode will be the largest in franchise history. Short, pushed back a few weeks . Strongly on November 20 to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.