A high-definition version of Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition has recently been seen on the PlayStation Store of the PS4.

While sales have since surpassed the set targets, Square Enix is definitely not ready to let go of the final episode of the Final Fantasy license anytime soon . After marketing the Royale Edition and Windows Edition last March, while confirming the arrival of new additional paid content in 2019, the Japanese publisher should soon put forward Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition with HD. Released last February on iOS and Android, then in June on PC, this version takes again the adventures of Noctis and his friends as in the original game published in 2016, but with all the cute graphics and characters chibi.

Surprisingly, an icon of Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition HD has appeared on the English and French PlayStation Store in recent days. Nevertheless, an error message appeared as soon as one wanted to click on it to know more, thus underlining that the famous content was not yet available at the moment. Moreover, the icon has since been replaced by that of Shadows: Awakening. If Square Enix has not yet announced anything official, it is more than obvious that a press release will soon be released with perhaps the presence of other platforms.

Hajime Tabata would like a Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition

Last summer, the producer of FF15 confided that he was not insensitive to seeing his RPG arrive on the Nintendo Switch: ” There is, certainly, a chance. It’s not bad. Of course, we need to think about what it means and involves switching to Switch. You know, if the players want to play it, it’s the right thing to do for our team . ” Note that he also said that this title “does not support joysticks.”