After this picture, the fans of the actress were divided into two camps.

Charlize Theron is one of the most secretive Hollywood celebrities who rarely talks about her personal life and never posts photos of her children on Instagram.

However, the other day, the actress decided to make an exception and for the first time shared with followers a picture of her son Jackson. In the photo, the boy is captured wearing a bright red dress, which caused a violent reaction among Charlize fans. Someone supported the courage of the actress, but there were those who accused her of child abuse due to the fact that she brings up the boy as a girl and dresses him in dresses.

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In an April interview for the Daily Mail, Charlize said that her son decided to be a girl, and she did not want to prevent this.

“I also thought that she was a boy. But once, when she was only three years old, she looked at me and said: “I am not a boy!” Like this! Now I have two beautiful daughters whom I will protect, like any normal parent. They were born as they are , and they decide who they want to be. My responsibility in this case is to love them and make sure that everything is fine with them. ”