Since Charlize Theron has denied rumors of a romance with Brad Pitt, the star has touched on the topic of relationship several times. At the Texas Film Festival, the actress said that she was lonely and ready for romance, and on the show, James Corden talked about the difficulties men can face when meeting with her. And now Charlize has described the main component of the external image of her ideal partner.

In 2015, Theron broke up with Sean Penn, after which her status did not officially change. Then the actress focused on the work and the upbringing of two adopted children, eliminating the romance from her life. “I made a choice and did not enter into a relationship. I raised two small children, and at that time I did not need anything else. But now I changed my mind. I want to have a good time in a man’s company, ”said Charlize.

Back in early April, Theron shared with reporters that she had been alone for ten years, but was ready for a romantic adventure. “Just someone needs to” grow eggs “and come to me. Now I am available more than ever, ”said the actress at the presentation of the film“ Another couple. ” Whatever it was, but so far neither the tabloids nor the paparazzi could catch the star with a new elect.