The other day, the Spanish capital shuddered at the “influx” of Hollywood beauties – the premiere of the action movie “Triple Frontier” took place in Madrid. Charlie Hannam, Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck and Garrett Hedlund walked the red carpet. Star Four and director JC Chandor looked very presentable, preferring the classical style of dressing.

The actor from the TV series “Sons of Anarchy” appeared in an elegant blue suit, the former Batman chose a burgundy three-piece suit, the Resistance leader from the new “Star Wars” adorned in a tartan, and “baby” Garrett Hedlund – 34-year-old actor was the youngest of the caste – put on a blue suit with badlon.

In the new action, the actors reincarnated into a cohesive team of police officers working in the danger zone on the border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Many of their colleagues died trying to stop the largest drug traffic. But our hero decided to put an end to impunity and came up with a bold plan – they were going to rob an influential drug cartel, deprive him of funding and ensure their families a comfortable life.

“Triple Border” will be released in limited release on March 6, from the 13th the film will be available to everyone on the streaming service Netflix.