A popular singer from Egypt was sentenced to half a year in prison because she had made a joking remark about pollution in the Nile River.

A fan asked singer Sherine Abdel Wahab to sing the song Mashrebtesh Men Nilha (Have you drunk from the Nile?). She responded that she was afraid of infection with parasites. “You can drink Evian water better,” she said jokingly.

That comment came to be expensive. She was previously suspended by the Egyptian trade union for musicians and now a court in Cairo has condemned her for distributing incorrect information.


The 37-year-old Sherine does not have to go directly to prison. She can still appeal against the decision and can wait for it in freedom. She has also apologized for the comment. “My beloved country Egypt, I apologize with all my heart for all the pain I have caused.”

Sherine Abdel Wahab is one of the most popular singers in Egypt. In addition to her performances on stage, she is active as an actress, television presenter and she was a jury member for the Arabic version of The Voice.