Carpool Karaoke could end up in a boat ………..

After divas Mariah Carey and Madonna , it’s Céline Dion ‘s turn to sit in the passenger seat of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. The host of the Late Show confirmed it with a photo of the Quebec singer and him by car.

If we do not yet know the titles that Celine Dion will perform or if there will be special guests, we already know that a tribute will be made to Titanic , the feature film of James Cameron released in 1997, and in particular to the iconic song of the movie, My Heart Will Go On .

Before the iceberg

The British site Metro has indeed unveiled photos of the shoot. We see James Corden and Celine Dion recreating the famous scene on the pontoon between Rose and Jack, the singer taking on the role of Kate Winslet and the presenter that of Leonardo DiCaprio.

The scene was shot in Las Vegas and the episode is expected to air around May 20, three weeks before Celine Dion’s last performance at the Caesars Palace Colesseum.