The actors from the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy have expressed their support to director James Gunn. Gunn was recently fired because he had joked about pedophilia and rape years ago in a series of tweets. 


“I do not support the inappropriate jokes he made years ago, but he is a good person”, writes Chris Pratt, one of the actors from  Guardians of the Galaxy , on Instagram. “Personally I would like to see him return as director of part three.”

Pratt also signed an open letter with his fellow actors. “We are all behind James Gunn,” said the actors, including Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel. “We were all shocked by his sudden resignation and waited ten days on purpose to respond so that we could think, pray, listen and discuss.”

All actors say they look forward to working with Gunn “in the future”. “His story is far from finished.”  

Disney fired Gunn, who also made the first two parts of the superhero movie  Guardians of the Galaxy , on July 20th. “The offensive attitude and statements on James’s Twitter account are indefensible and do not match the values ​​of our studio and that’s why we broke our business relationship with him,” Disney said in a statement.  

The third part of  Guardians of the Galaxy should appear in 2020.