Hillary Clinton makes her debut as an executive producer of a yet to be made TV series or film. Together with the production company of Steven Spielberg, Clinton makes a film translation of the book The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote.


The book by author Elaine Weiss came out in March of this year and deals with the activism surrounding the right to vote for women.

Production company Amblin Television has bought the film rights of the book and makes a film or mini-series for premium channels or a streaming platform such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, writes The Hollywood Reporter .

“The ballot box lies at the heart of democracy and Weiss’s memorable book tells the story of female leaders who, in the face of sky-high economic, racial and political opposition, were fighting for American women’s right to vote,” American politician of the Democratic Party.

It is expected that the 70-year-old Clinton will be actively involved in the search for a script writer, as well as the final script, the direction and the casting.