She was to join her stepfather to attend a game in Louisiana. Journalist Carley McCord died just 30 years after the plane crashed.

She was heading to the city of Atlanta to cover the Peach bowl match where her stepfather, Steve Ensminger, was waiting for her. Sports journalist Carley McCord died suddenly at just 30 years old after the spectacular plane crash in a parking lot in Lafayette, Louisiana. Four other people on the plane died, only one passenger survived. According to TMZ , the first witnesses said that the plane had made an emergency landing just after takeoff. The pilot allegedly tried to land in the parking lot of a post office not far from the airport before exploding and ending in flames. The plane also struck a vehicle during its crash, the driver of the car died instantly.

His stepfather, the LSU coach, learned this terrible news only hours before the LSU Tigers’ game against the Oklahoma Sooners. According to USA Today , the team’s players did not learn of Carley’s death until after the game. Ed Orgeron (another LSU coach) said: ” I didn’t want the team to know. (…) I didn’t want it to affect the team, the mood of the football team the energy of the football team. Neither did Steve. We tried to hide it from them. “The team led by Steve Ensminger finally won the match. After their victory, Ed Orgeron said: “There has been a tragedy in Coach Ensminger’s family today. (…) Obviously, he was upset, but he had a great game today. So that only shows you his integrity, his courage and his character. 

TMZ published a video of this impressive accident that claimed the lives of many people. Carley McCord was married to Steve Ensminger’s son, Steven Ensminger Junior.