The rapper has created a surprise on social networks by posting a video that has already been seen millions of times!

Cardi B is where we do not expect it. In the world of music, the rapper can be impressive. In recent times, she has shown that she could bend to several registers and thus associate with artists all very different. For example, French Montana and Post Malone for “Writing on The Wall” but also Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello in “South of the Border”.

This time, Cardi B posted a video on his social networks that highlights his ability to juggle words. Without artifice and in the corner of a kitchen, the rapper unpacks her improvised freestyle. The very rhythmic and catchy music carries the artist. In description: “Just a little trick of a little thing” . The video exceeds the millions of views on the Web.

Another great news of the young woman, Cardi B will soon be back on the big screen. After playing in the movie “Queens”, alongside Jennifer Lopez or Lizzo, the artist has agreed to embody another person for a huge American blockbuster eagerly awaited. The next “Fast & Furious” with Vin Diesel.

Even if for now, no one really knows what role she will have, the woman Offset is very happy to be part of this new adventure. This is not the first singer to be caught in the saga. Before her, Rita Ora had made an appearance in the sixth installment.