LOS ANGELES – Although Cardi B was notified by doctors of possible postnatal depression after the birth of her daughter Kulture, the singer thought: ‘this does not happen to me’. And yet suddenly it happened, she tells the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

“I felt good after giving birth and did not feel that anything would happen to me until I felt totally unexpected to carry the whole world on my shoulders,” Cardi said. The 26-year-old rapper still does not quite feel the old and is still searching for an energy she had before she got her child. “My body is no longer the same, I have not yet recovered the balance, for example, I can not walk as well as before, because I feel I have more to carry with me, while I am thinner than I have ever been. “

Cardi got her daughter together with Offset, with whom she had a flashing light last year, because he would have been strange. Although she had already announced the divorce, the rapper made public apologies and surprised Cardi during one of her concerts with a sea of ​​flowers. Since then they have been spotted two times together. According to the singer, there is no question of reuniting for the time being.