Rapper Cardi B has again revealed a lot of secrets about her private life via a live session on Instagram. The 28-year-old told extensively about her reunion with her lover Offset (28). “It’s really, really hard not to be able to talk to your best friend,” said Cardi. “And I missed the sex.”

“That man gives me a Rolls Royce and then I have to turn him down?”

Cardi opens a book about her relationship with her husband Offset. The two would have had a big fight, after which the singer even filed for divorce. But the lady now comes back from that, because in addition to the fact that the lady misses her husband between the sheets, he also gave her a very special gift. “Then what do you want me to do? That man gives me a Rolls Royce and then I have to turn him down?”

It’s not the first time the lovebirds broke up. Earlier, the two ended their relationship because Offset would have cheated on Cardi several times and also made another woman pregnant. However, according to Cardi, none of this was true. “The reason we split up is because I was done arguing. I was tired of not being able to get closer to each other,” she said at the time. Cardi and Offset have been together for four years and share a child.

Cardi has recently been discredited. With her song ‘WAP’ the ears of many fluttered, because the song is said to be quite provocative.