Kim Kardashian’s voice will be in cinemas soon as well. The reality star has gotten a job as a voice actor for the new children’s film Paw Patrol. “I believe I’m a cool mom now,” Kim, mother of four, writes on Twitter on Thursday.’I think I’m a cool mom now’

Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, Yara Shahidi, Ian Armitage, Marsai Martin and Will Brisbin also have a voice role in the new animation film. Based on a Nickelodeon children’s series of the same name, Paw Patrol is produced at Spin Master Corporation and Paramount Pictures.

The voice actors and producers will all work remotely on the new film, which is expected to be released in August 2021. Broadcast in 160 different countries, Paw Patrol is about six heroic puppies led by ten-year-old Ryder. Together they experience all kinds of adventures and missions in Adventure City.