Actress Emilia Clarke (33) received the most beautiful Christmas present ever from her older brother Ben last December. In ‘The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show’ on BBC Radio 2, Emilia announced that she burst into tears when she opened the package.

“I was such a frustrating good girl”

The conversation started after DJ Zoe Ball asked the Game of Thrones actress what she brought home from the set as a memento of the popular HBO series. “I was such a frustrating good girl, I had nothing, nothing at all,” said a balancing Emilia, who played the role of dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen in the series. “I neatly followed the rules.”

Someone who didn’t do that was her brother Ben, who was involved with Game of Thrones as a cameraman . “Last Christmas he gave me the best Christmas present ever. During one of the battle scenes, I thought he got hold of one of the Targaryen flags through-through-through. So I opened my gift and immediately burst into crying. I thought immediately: it will get a nice place. “