Larry Rudolph, the manager of Britney Spears, believes that the singer should stop her shows in Las Vegas.

“Based on the information I receive via via, it is clear to me as the person who is leading her career that she no longer has to pick up her shows in Las Vegas. Not in the near future and possibly never again,” Rudolph told TMZ .

The singer would give a series of performances in Las Vegas last February, but canceled all her shows. She would have too much trouble with the health problems of her father Jamie, who underwent multiple operations.

According to her manager, Spears was halfway through rehearsals when her father fell ill. “We had to cancel her performances because her medication was no longer working and she was upset because of her father,” he says.

It is clear to Rudolph that the singer no longer wants to pick up her performances. “Last summer she called me about the tour every day. She was so looking forward to it. Now I haven’t heard from her for months. That proves to me that she doesn’t feel like performing,” said the manager.

Spears under coercion from father in clinic

The singer has been under the official supervision of her father since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about eleven years ago.

After canceling her appearances, Spears was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, which she recently left. Then she filed a lawsuit against her father to get more freedom.

Spears allegedly declared to be in court last Monday to be forced into the clinic by her father. The judge has not yet made a decision, but does have an expert look at the situation of the singer.

Fans of the 37-year-old Spears have now launched the #FreeBritney promotion. Lynne Spears, the singer’s mother, is said to have joined them, according to her lawyer.