Journalists took a series of very gentle shots…….

It seems that the day of Eva Longoria is not exactly 24 hours. Because a Hollywood actress somehow miraculously manages everything and everywhere: in the evening she shines on the red carpet , and in the afternoon she is actively involved in sports , new projects and the upbringing of a one-year-old son . The secret of the “Desperate Housewives” star is simple: the kid often accompanies his mother on trips. 

Even at the Cannes Film Festival, where Eve made a splash with her slim figure , the actress arrived in Santiago’s digging. Yesterday, star mom got into the camera lenses when walking with a boy on the coast.

For her release, Longoria chose a bright yellow jumpsuit and silver sandals. Cheerful outfit perfectly in harmony with the mood of Eve: the actress laughed a lot, kissed and hugged Santiago tightly. Happiness in its purest form!