A news video has been shared by Britney Spears showing her new summer outfit.
Britney posed this video in front of mirror in her bathroom wearing a sheer white minidress. The White dress which is a slim fitted outfit with sheer striped panels, having long sleeves and high neckline. The caption by Britney says “apparently wore the look to a reggae party”.

Her simple words, paired with the white dress with high ponytail also wore two red baracelets.

The Star said ” I got me some red heels, I never had red heels before” She also wrote ” I went to a reggae party 🎉 … a band played and the music was really cool !!! I’ve been thinking about life and what my version of success is … to me it’s knowing I’ve used my heart over my head and it’s hard sometimes because of ego … but sometimes ego is protection !!!! I gotta get the hell out of here … ok … I’m talking nonsense”