The Shared video also has been caption by Patton Oswalt saying “This is the perfect approach and attitude for learning ANYTHING,”

A proud dad Patton Oswalt
Alice Rigney Daugther of Patton Oswalt was raved by his father for her positive attitude and shared the adorable video of her who was practicing a trick on skateboard.

Post on the instagram account of Oswalt shoed that her young daugther attepmting to perform a skateboard tick called ollie multiple times before she lost her balance.
Alice laughed when she slipped from the skateboard and fell on the floor and got back on her feet again.
Patton also said on instagram ” “My daughter is trying to teach herself how to ollie, She’s been taking video of herself and just sent this to us, cut together, Watch until the end.”

Alice’s father praised his daugther for not getting upset despite the gaffe. Oswalt also wrote “This is the perfect approach and attitude for learning ANYTHING, It actually helped me out writing today so thank you, Alice.”

Alice’s Dedication not impressed her father Oswalt but many other. Tony Hawk who is legendary skateboarder commented on the post saying “Getting there!”.

An advice was also given to Alice by Hawk 53 saying “Tell her to put her back foot on the very tip/end of the tail for better snap,”.

Meredeth Salenger who is Alice’s Step mom also commented on the post admiring the child saying “She’s my favorite human 🥰💖🥰💖🥰💖,” the actress, 51, commented.