The singer told her fans about the problems she is going through.

Britney Spears is facing self-esteem problems, and the singer herself commented on it in a post she posted on her Instagram.

The American interpreter has been working with a physical trainer who is helping her arch her back, since Britney believes that her lack of confidence has led her to ‘stoop’, so she is doing everything possible to improve her posture.

She wrote: “Body language is everything! The way you talk to yourself and behave can affect your mood … I have problems with self-esteem, so I slouch … These postures help me get stronger every day and it’s very fun to do it, ”he says.

“I feel very different every time I do it, because I am not used to the feeling that my back is out! (Sic)”.

In the video that she hung up, in which she wears a bright blue bikini, Britney swings on her trainer while he was on the floor, holding her upper body with her hands and supporting her bottom with her feet, while she He moved in different poses with his legs.

Spears explained: “Hanging upside down opens my back and allows me to breathe better and open up. And feel better. So here I go. ”