Echoes of the conflict over rights to Spider-Man are still heard.

For about a month, Spider-Man fans have been unaware of the cinematic future of their beloved superhero. It seemed that Disney and Sony had completely diverged on this issue, but at the end of September it became known that the parties had managed to reach a compromise – Peter Parker, performed by Tom Holland, would remain in the Marvel cinema universe. Recently, the management of the studios in the person of Alan Horn (Disney) and Tom Rothman (Sony) clarified what ultimately prompted them to come to a reconciliation.

Obviously, the fan base, which is very important for all of us, reacted vividly to the actions of Tom [Holland] throughout this whole situation. People like Marvel and Kevin Feigi to be involved in making two films about Spider-Man. The response we received made it clear that resuming cooperation is indeed the best solution,

Said Horn.

Rothman agreed with his colleague:

This is a classic example of the outcome, from which everyone will benefit: Sony, Disney, and Spider-Man fans. I would only like to note that the news in the media and the real course of negotiations are not always synchronized. In the words of Shakespeare, such an end was impossible not to crave. Sooner or later, we would come to a compromise, but in the news we were quick to report the opposite.

Recall that initially disagreements between Disney and Sony led to disagreements about money – in Hollywood, this often happens. As you can see, the opinion of the fans still played a role. Do not forget about the merits of Tom Holland in the favorable resolution of the conflict, because he called on the leaders of both studios to listen to the fans and make concessions to each other.