Fans are alarmed by what photos and videos the singer has recently posted.

Lance Bass, a member of the group ‘N Sync, which also included Britney’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, in a conversation with The Daily Popcast, admitted that he is often asked questions about Britney. And he decided to finally give an answer.

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Happy #NationalBrothersDay to these bros!

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Recall that the fans, whom Britney’s dad called “conspiracy theorists”, believe that Spears’ relatives “hold her hostage” and limit her rights in order to manage her money. Due to the lack of information, fans began to find oddities on Britney’s Instagram – some of her videos and photos seem “suspicious”, and many are alarmed that Brit does not comment at all on the hype that is happening around her, including the hashtag FreeBritney launched by fans (free Britney) … Someone suggests that Instagram Spears was captured by her guardians and published her old photos and videos, and what happens to the singer herself is allegedly not clear at all.

Here’s what Lance said about Britney:

I am often asked about her, but I am silent, because I do not know anything. If I had real information, I would share. But she’s obviously in trouble. I don’t know what is happening to her, what kind of diagnoses she has, but these videos of her are really not in the nature of Britney. This is something new. Apparently something is happening. She’s acting weird, which is why fans think she’s being held hostage. But maybe that’s how her medicine works. But she looks happy and wants to shoot such videos. I don’t see anything dangerous in them. They are pretty funny. I would be more worried if she disappeared from social networks,

Bass said.

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