After Britney Spears (40) previously announced via social media that she is looking for a new home, where she can make a ‘fresh start’, she has now been seen at a home of Drake (35) in Los Angeles. Together with her fiancé Sam Asghari (28) she would have been given a tour of his YOLO Estate, as the building in the Hidden Hills district is called. This reports ‘TMZ’.

Britney and Sam weren’t the only potential buyers interested in the property. According to TMZ , the broker would have let in about twenty other interested parties to view the house, including Caitlyn Jenner.

Drake owns several properties in Los Angeles, which he buys, refurbishes and then sells for a much higher price. Britney is said to be particularly interested in the full deal, which also includes buying the two homes next door to YOLO Estate that Drake has put up for sale. With this she would own a large piece of land, where she can finally enjoy her freedom after being under the supervision of her father Jamie for almost 14 years.