Snoop Dogg

Rapper meme is not discouraged by rising prices.

It would seem that by the age of 50, Snoop Dogg had already earned so much money that even his grandchildren would have enough for a comfortable existence, but the rapper did not seem to expect that gasoline prices in America would start to grow by leaps and bounds.

On Instagram, Snoop shared a meme from the greatest series, The Sopranos, in which Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, sadly and even slightly menacingly sits on a bay stallion.

“This is me, if gas prices get at least a little higher,” reads the caption to the meme, and given that the Instagram post appeared yesterday, and prices are rising almost every hour, we won’t be surprised if the rapper now chooses a horse in the nearest stable.

Recall that Snoop’s fleet includes several dozen cars: from time-tested American classics and lowriders to a school bus and a Batman car on three wheels.


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