British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be fined for violating corona rules. The Treasury Secretary, Rishi Sunak, and Johnson’s wife, Carrie, were also fined. They will be fined for attending parties during a lockdown in England due to the corona pandemic.

Johnson and Sunak were informed of the fine by police today, a spokesperson for Johnson’s office and Carrie Johnson’s said. No further details have been disclosed.

Earlier today it was announced that the number of corona fines for government employees had risen from twenty to more than fifty.

British police are investigating twelve meetings with government employees at 10 Downing Street, Johnson’s office, among others. The affair surrounding parties and drinks is known as the ‘party gate’.

Johnson himself said earlier that the corona rules were complied with during the meetings, but he expressed regret. You can see how that went in the video below:

Nevertheless, Johnson’s position is not in danger for the time being. Johnson’s biggest critics in his own Conservative party think now is not the time to dethrone their leader. They point to the war in Ukraine and do not want to endanger the government.

Unity is important
Two of the fiercest internal critics have expressed their support for the head of government. “It would not be appropriate at this point to remove the Prime Minister,” said Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross. He had withdrawn his trust in Johnson due to the affair surrounding the parties with the prime minister in corona times. He now called it important to remain united against Russian aggression.

A Conservative MP who was the first to call on Johnson to resign, Roger Gale, made a similar statement. There will come a time when the prime minister will have to answer for what he has done wrong, Gale says. “That time is not now. But I don’t think the Prime Minister will lead us to the next election.”