British TV actor Windsor Davies passed away at the age of 88. This reported British media Saturday. He played in dozens of series and was best known in the Netherlands for his role as a musty and snarling sergeant-major Williams in the BBC series It Is not Half Hot Mum . It was broadcast in the Netherlands as ‘Oh mother, what is it called’ .

The comedy consisting of 56 episodes revolves around a theater group that keeps the British army in the Second World War in Burma on its feet. This is not to the satisfaction of the person in charge.

Davies worked in a coal mine and served in the British army for some time, until he became an actor in the 1960s. The series ‘Oh mother what is it called’ was largely written by two former soldiers: David Croft and Jimmy Perry.

Davies also did a lot of voice-overs for commercials, and was very recognizable by his Welsh accent. He became father of five children, and moved to France after his retirement. There he lived with his wife Lynne, with whom he was married for 62 years.

Davies died at home in France last Thursday according to his family. His wife died in September.