The President of the Republic has taken a little for his rank in the recent tweets Pamela Anderson …

Pamela Anderson has been living for several months in France, in Marseille so she is very interested in the news of the country. Much of this news that runs since November 2018, around the Yellow Vests.

On Twitter , the Canadian-American star took the floor without hesitating to tacit President Emmanuel Macron.

“President Macron has launched a ‘national debate’ on yellow vests, but the first thing he does is to offend the working class by saying that it is ‘joking’.” Adil Rami’s companion goes on to say, “Contempt for the poor seems to be the only success of this debate for now.”

We thought she would stop there, but the former actress of Alerte À Malibu seemed freewheeling and attacked the case Alexandre Benalla. “At the same time, as the ‘big debate’ begins, Macron announces that he is keeping French troops in Syria while his former security assistant still has a diplomatic passport. is it the yellow vests or Macron itself. “