Will Sam Rockwell escape from Brian Cranston?

Disney + unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming movie, “The One and Only,” based on the eponymous best-selling book by Catherine Applegate.

The film tells about the gorilla Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell), who lives in a shopping center and performs in a circus. The appearance of the baby elephant Ruby (voiced by Brooklyn Prince), recently separated from his family, awakens Ivan’s childhood memories in the jungle. Ivan and the elephant Stella (voiced by Angelina Jolie) begin to develop an escape plan. But at the same time, Ivan does not want to part with the good owner of the shopping center Mack (Brian Cranston). Therefore, he does not know what he should do. Perhaps he will be helped to determine the dog-mongrel Bob (Danny DeVito).

Initially, the film was supposed to be shown in movie theaters, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was decided to immediately show the picture on the Disney + streaming service. The premiere will take place on August 21. Director Thea Sharrock talks about this decision:

The world has changed in an instant. People all over the world have gained new experiences. And I am happy that we have the opportunity to share the amazing and original story of Katherine Applegate in August at Disney +, bringing joy to the audience during this difficult time with this film about friendship based on real events.